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Did you know Advanced Hearing Services presents monthly Lunch & Learn seminars?

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Do you feel like this man when you are trying to listen in noisy situations?

Do you have ringing in your ears, Tinnitus?

Come learn about hearing loss and how Susan can help you restore your natural hearing

(970) 812-1137 to schedule your seat for you and a friend.

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I now offer LACE.  I have seen patients struggle hearing in noise, even with the best hearing devices.  That is because the brain has not yet learned how to sort out all the sounds.  LACE is a program that you do at home on your computer.  One of the exercises is picking out a certain voice from others.  That is what you have to do in noise, right?  So, this program trains your brain how to do this.   Wearing the best devices, Oticon Opn and using LACE has enhanced the ability to hear in noise.


Call (970) 221-5249 to find out more about LACE.


Did you know I have in-home services?  If you have trouble traveling to the office, I can bring my office to you.  I have the ability to check your ears for wax, test your hearing, clean and check your current hearing aids, prescribe and fit new hearing aids in your real life, home.

If you need help, call (970) 22-5249 to schedule your in home visit.  I dedicate one day a month for these appointments.


I look forward to helping you in your home.




Happy New Year!

What are your new year plans and resolutions in regard to treating your hearing loss?  36 million Americans have a hearing loss—this includes 17% of our adult population.  I find this number to amazing.  Did you know that most people who know they have hearing problems wait 5 years before beginning treatment?  Why do you think this is so long?  People say its the cost, but I do not believe this to be true after seeing patients for over 18 years.  I believe people feel hearing aids will make them feel and look older.   Well I am here to tell you this is farther from the truth.  Hearing aids will keep you engaged during challenging situations and most of them are virtually invisible.  Hearing aids also keep your brain cognitively healthy.  This is the most important part of treating your hearing, is treating your brain.

In future posts, I will discuss different aspects of the brain and why treating hearing loss is so important.  I also treat Tinnitus so look for

those topics too.

Please do not wait if you have hearing challenges.  Call today to scheduled your Risk Free trial of Oticon Opn.




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Kristy Brown
18:36 07 Jul 17
Susan is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and outgoing. She works very hard to stay up to date with technological advancements and provides her customers with expert care. If you want the best service and care you MUST go see her. She will treat you like more
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